Everybody Poops

I don’t know about you all but I look at my poop. Every time. Mostly because I’ve heard that you should to, you know, make sure everything is coming out ok. Not that I would necessarily know what “ok” is.

I know that black is bad because it means you have digested blood from somewhere in there. Once, I had a colonic and my feces was purply-black. The tech was a little concerned until she confirmed that I had eaten a lot of beets the day before.

I’ve also heard that when Vegans look at their feces, they are hoping it comes out light in color, softish, and to make a swirl pattern at the bottom of the bowl (kinda like a snake).

Too, I have heard that floating feces is bad because it means you’ve eaten “too much” fat.

So, incidentally, I am an avid poop checker. To the point where I will move the toilet seat protector out of the way so I can properly examine it.

During my morning visit to the loo today, I thought about what I’d heard about poop and what mine usually looks like. I thought to myself, “Self, if floating poop is bad because it means there is too much fat…but now you’re eating tons of animal fat… is floating poop really bad?!” Enter Mark Sisson and MDA (Mark’s Daily Apple), where I found¬†this enlightening article about #2.



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